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I am a descendent of a long line of bakers, my father Anthony Viso was in the business for more than four decades and my Great Grandfather Termini created a legacy in the Philadelphia area with his brother. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I had a desire to be different despite my passion for entrepreneurship. I made the decision to set out into the world of Corporate America only to find the way back to my roots, in the kitchen baking. The pandemic is to thank for that.

I always envisioned making one dessert item, making it the best there is with real, quality ingredients and having a lot of fun with it. Having a degree in nutrition, it is extremely important to me that I make a product that I feel good about people eating. A product that excludes preservatives and stabilizers as you would find in most desserts. The dessert item I have chosen is cream puffs!


Why the name What's Up Cream Puff? It was inspired by my faith.
Set your mind on things above - Col 3:2


Thank you for your continued love and support!

xo, Donna  


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